TONIGHT: Processing Speed Delays in Bright Children with ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Processing Speed refers to how quickly we can take in, organize and prioritize information. It is known that bright children diagnosed with ADHD or learning disabilities often struggle with delayed processing speed. This can be frustrating for students as academic and social demands become increasingly challenging and caring adults often fail to understand its significance on academic, social and emotional well-being. This is especially true considering the vast amounts and various types of information that our students are quickly required to input, organize and retains for future use.

In this talk, Dr. Marguerite Genest will answer questions about what processing speed is and why bright students with learning disabilities are often found to have slower processing speed. Dr. Genest will also discuss what it looks like academically and socially, how to communicate with your child’s teachers about classroom accommodations and finally, strategies that you can use at home. Bring your questions and concerns as we explore how processing speed impact children and adults.

DATE & TIME : January 10, 2017 from 7-8pm

LOCATION: River Tree Arts, 35 Western Ave., Kennebunk, ME

Fee: This event is FREE

Please RSVP to: MGenest@portsmouthneuro.com