For Professionals

For Professionals

We value collaborating with other professionals in our clinical work and are available to provide the following services:

Educational Consultations

We consult with schools to provide neuropsychological evaluations, assist the team in understanding the student’s profile of cognitive and social-emotional strengths and challenges, and, subsequently, inform educational planning.

Independent Consultations

We consult with attorneys, the court, or insurance companies to conduct forensic evaluations, perform Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), and provide Independent Medical Record Reviews (MRR).


We provide presentations to hospitals, schools, and community organizations about a range of clinical topics.  Past topics have included:

  • Understanding Twins and Temperament
  • Happiness:  Exploring the Inner Lives of Mothers
  • How Parents Can Facilitate Social Success for their Children
  • Learning Disability or Learning Difference?
  • Executive Dysfunction – Helping Students Succeed At School
  • Improving Your Child’s Organizational Skills
  • Neuropsychology in Medical Populations
  • Challenging Behaviors
  • Your Child’s Attention:  How to Improve It and When to Seek Help
  • Autism and Anxiety
  • Facilitating Your Child’s Social Success
  • Positive Behavior Supports for Temper Tantrums, Defiance, and Anxiety
  • Social Development of Preschoolers
  • Decreasing Jitters, Fears, and Rituals in Children


Please contact our office at (603) 433-0800 for additional information.