Social Skills Groups – Winter 2017

Does your child/adolescent struggle to make friends? Does he play by himself at recess? Does she socialize by text or Facebook alone? Participating in Social Skills Groups help those who often struggle with relationships, reading non-verbal cues, monitoring their behavior, and in their interpersonal communication.  In addition, individuals diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), non-verbal learning disorder (NLD), social pragmatic language disorder, or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can show meaningful progress from participation in a Social Skills Group.

Social Skills Groups, facilitated by Dr. Marguerite Genest, will start at the Portsmouth Neuropsychology Center beginning in late February/early March over eight weeks.  The groups will meet once/week for one hour in the afternoon.  The groups will focus on specific social skills including:

  • Engaging in reciprocal conversations using active listening
  • Playing cooperatively with others
  • Developing and sustaining friendships
  • Recognizing and appreciating feelings and perspectives of others
  • Increasing empathy for others
  • Dealing with teasing
  • Listening actively to others
  • Reading nonverbal cues
  • Self-awareness and feeling identification

These and other aspects of social awareness and problem solving will be addressed via discussions, role plays, and other modalities, depending upon the age and need of the groups.  Parent check-ins will also be included every other week to foster consistent language and application of the skills at home.

To register for a Social Skills Group, please contact Linnea Hauthaway at 603-433-0800 or lhauthaway@portsmouthneuro.com to schedule your initial intake meeting.