Simple New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping!

Resolutions formed at the beginning of the new year often start to waver as the month of January comes to an end.  This month we offer you simple resolutions to enrich your child, your family, and yourself in the coming year.  Perhaps, identify one or two specific goals from the choices below, and try to implement them consistently for the next month.   Whether it be sharing special reading time with your child, improving bedtime routines, taking care of yourself, or looking actively for ways to be grateful, our list below has some gems for you!

~Reading more with your child.

Reading with your child not only allows for sharing of information, an escape into another world, and opportunities to develop a sense of story, it creates a bond and closeness that will forever be remembered.

10 Reasons Why You Should Read With Your Kids

The importance of reading outside the classroom

~Establishing a bedtime for your child by establishing routines.

Not only will your children be more rested, settled, and happy, but parents are known to have improved marital satisfaction. Routines are so effective, that bedtime sleep problems are one of the most treatable behavioral disorders in early childhood.

The Bed Time Pass Helps Parents and Kids Skip the Sleep Struggles

Establishing Bedtime Routines for Children

~Planning one special something for yourself every month.

Remember the old saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”? It’s silly and yet so true.  It doesn’t have to just be “mama.” No matter who  (i.e mother, father, aunt, uncle, or grandparent) is the primary caregiver for our children, mood has a huge impact on children.  Children tune into what our moods are, whether positive or negative.  These moods have a direct effect on their well-being, including long-term coping skills. Give yourself and your family the gift of taking care of yourself, especially primary caregivers and caregivers of children with special needs. You need time to rejuvenate and refresh so you can give your best to those who need you the most.

Taking Care of YOU: Self-Care for Family Caregivers

Self-Care is Not Selfish: Finding a Way to Take Care of Yourself

~Find something to be grateful about.

Did you know that there is a link between gratitude and increased self-esteem, resiliency, and life satisfaction? It also helps strengthen current relationships and build new ones.  Brene Brown, PhD. states that in twelve years of research, she is yet to find someone who can really experience joy without actively practicing gratitude.  In other words, there is a direct correlation between being grateful and being innately happy.

Gratitude is Good for the Soul and it Helps the Heart Too

The Structure of Gratitude

The Science Behind Gratitude


At the Portsmouth Neuropsychology Center, we wish you and your family an enriching 2016!