Ready or Not, The Kids are Back To School!

Wait! Didn’t summer just begin? Or maybe you felt like it would never end! No matter how you are feeling the reality is school is back in session or will be shortly! Is there any hope for easing us all into this new yet familiar rhythm? Here are a few tips that might just help.


1. Maintain or develop good sleep habits. This tip is not just for your “I’m not tired” child, it’s for us parents too. The entire family will function better if everyone is getting the good night’s sleep their body requires.

(For more information see our August 18th blog: https://www.portsmouthneuro.com/blogs/children-sleep-bed-zzzzzz/)


2. Meet the new teacher(s) with your child. If your school offers a “Meet Your Teacher” day this is a great opportunity for your child to see their new teacher and classroom. This can help relieve anxiety in your child of the great unknown. If your school does not host such an event, but you know meeting their teacher or walking through their new school will go great lengths to calm their nerves, then give the school a call. Most would welcome a visit.


3. Get organized. Papers will be coming home fast and furious. Designate a spot in your house for important papers to go so you aren’t scrambling to find that permission slip that was supposed to go back with your child two days ago. Get your children involved. Have them empty out their backpacks, take responsibility for handing you important papers, and show you their treasured art projects.


4. Plan for a healthy breakfast and lunch. Nutrition plays a key role in academic performance. Something as simple as eating breakfast can go a long way for starting your child’s day off correctly.


5. Assume that even your most even-keel child, at some point, may have a meltdown. It’s normal. Take it in stride. Their routine has changed, maybe they are overtired, and they are likely overwhelmed. They may love their teacher, hate their teacher, be missing a friend they hoped would be in their class, or wishing one particular child was not. Sit with them and talk about what is making them upset and then brainstorm on how to make it better.  Make yourself available.


Wishing you and your family a happy transition into another school year!