Psychologist Plans to Host Childhood Lecture Series

Recognizing the importance of educating the public about children’s behavioral health needs, Dr. Laura Rubin launched a series of seminars across the Seacoast addressing children’s development, learning, and social-emotional concerns and was featured in Foster’s Daily Democrat in September 2009.  Today, Dr. Rubin and Dr. Cook continue to provide seminars to schools and community groups regarding children’s learning, attention, social skills, and emotional functioning.


Excerpt from article:

“Laura Rubin, pediatric neuropsychologist and founder of the Portsmouth Neuropsychology Center, regularly consults parents who are concerned about various aspects of their child’s development, including their academic/organizational skills, increased feelings of depression, or anxiety. ..Despite numerous child development books, parents still struggle to understand what makes their kids ‘tick.’ As such, parents remain on a quest to better comprehend their children.  By gaining an understanding of their child’s personality, learning style, and an assessment of their children’s mental health, parents can learn to manage challenging behaviors and improve their overall quality of family life.”


Full article: Psychologist Plans to Host Childhood Lecture Series – Foster’s Daily Democrat