Planning a Successful Transition to Learning from Home

Our daily lives continue to change as we all are learning how to live with the transitions brought on by the pandemic, COVID-19. One of the biggest challenges facing parents is the transition to kids learning from home for the next few weeks or more. Here are a few ways that you can create a positive learning environment in your home for you and your family.

Create Routines– Children thrive on consistency, especially in times like these. Here is one example of a daily routine which may be helpful.

Communicate with Classroom Teachers-Make sure you have all the materials, books, passwords you need for successful online learning.

Schedule Recess/Playtime– It is helpful for kids to move their bodies and take a break from work and to also know when this time will fit into their day. Nature walks are a great way to be outside, exercise, and build science-related skills. Check out the following aps for Bird Watching and tree identification.

• Use Screens Wisely– Consider searching for more educational sites for kids to watch and be conscious of how much time is being spent on movies and TV shows.

Work on Broader Executive Function Skills – This includes skills such as problem solving, time management, goal setting and organization. Provide sorting activities, have a child create their own schedule, set a daily goal, practice telling time or play some problem-solving games such as Heads-up, Charades or Guess Who. Consider using technology to create a digital whiteboard to schedule academic time, down time, chores, etc. (e.g., Whiteboard by Liveboard).

• Connect with Friends – Establish times where your children can connect with peers via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. Perhaps have them create a virtual bookclub or art share time.

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