Parenting Group – Winter 2017

Do you feel you are constantly nagging your child about homework and putting away their electronics?  Does your child have difficulty managing her time and getting homework/chores done?  Does he have difficulty getting started or persisting with tasks?  Are you worried about your teenager’s self-esteem?  Have teachers expressed concerns about possible academic delays or social behaviors?

Participating in an Executive Functioning Parenting Group will help provide you with concrete strategies for helping your child or adolescent improve their organizational skills, study habits, motivation, and time management skills.  Additionally, you will learn how executive functioning impacts your child’s success academically, socially and behaviorally.  This group will benefit parents who want to help their children reach their fullest potential, but have difficulty getting their kids to stay focused and manage their time wisely.  Furthermore, you will learn practical steps for reducing stress in your household related to your child’s executive functioning weaknesses.

Executive Functioning Parenting Groups, facilitated by Dr. Marguerite Genest, will start at the Portsmouth Neuropsychology Center beginning in late February/early March over eight weeks.  The groups will meet once/week for one hour.  Some of the sample topics we will address include:

  • Executive Functioning (EF) – what it is and how it impacts all aspects of our lives
  • Executive Functions and Learning Disabilities
  • Strategies to improve all areas of EF including time management and organization
  • Strategies to increase motivation and decrease stress
  • How to improve communication with your child
  • How to effectively communicate with your child’s teachers
  • Understanding your child’s strengths and learning style
  • Setting up reward and incentives that are realistic and effective
  • Helping your child develop effective problem solving strategies

To register for the Executive Functioning Parenting Group, please contact Linnea Hauthaway at 603-433-0800 or lhauthaway@portsmouthneuro.com.