New Doc on the Block

In March 2006, Dr. Laura Rubin, neuropsychologist and clinical psychologist, founded the Portsmouth Neuropsychology Center.  In the article “New Doc on the Block” which appeared in the Portsmouth Herald in October 2006, Dr. Rubin discusses her perspective about providing comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations, disentangling co-occurring learning and social-emotional challenges, and practical steps parents can take to help facilitate their children’s learning skills.


Excerpt from article:

Interviewer:  Tell us about your process for working with children.


LR: Typically, a parent has some kind of gut feeling that there’s something wrong… they would come to my office, where I try to ascertain the nature of the difficulty. It’s quite common if you have learning problems, you may also have things like depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.


So typically, I interview parents, get details and background, and then I meet with the child for a couple of sessions.


One aspect that differentiates my work is that I do in-school observations, to really get a sense of how a child is with his or her peers and to get a larger focused assessment of their skills.


After the results are completed, I generate a comprehensive report with individualized recommendations for the child and meet with the family for a feedback session.


I also provide the child with their own feedback session. It’s helpful for them to know how their brain works, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.”


Full article: New Doc on the Block – Portsmouth Herald