Linda Martin Presents: Organizational Coaching: Developing Habits and Skills for School and Beyond

Linda Martin, Organizational Coach and Reading Tutor defines executive function skills and strategies to support a child facing organizational challenges.

Focus of presentation:

  • What are executive function skills, anyway?
  • How organizational coaching differs from traditional tutoring services

Parent Learning Goals:

  • The connections between executive skills, learning, productivity and emotional well-being
  • The importance of consistency, habits and expectations at home and at school
  • Ideas to help keep all those papers organized
  • Strategies to modify the physical and social environment to best support a child with Executive Skills challenges

Come learn how you can help your child maximize success across personal, social, educational, and vocational settings.

DATE & TIME: Thursday February 14, 2019  from 9:30-11:30 AM

LOCATION:      Families First, 100 Campus Drive, Portsmouth

Talk is free and open to the public, (includes childcare with advanced sign-up)