Key Signs Your Child May Need A Tutor

Have you noticed lately that your child’s grades are slipping, homework is a battle, or just getting to school is a struggle?  These could be signs that your child may benefit from a tutor to get them back on track for increased confidence and school success.  The following are a few key signs your child may benefit from a tutor and what they can do to help:

Slipping Grades

If you have noticed over the past few months that grades have been steadily declining, it is important to connect with your child and their teacher to see what the cause may be.  A tutor would help focus extra attention on a particular subject your child may be struggling with such as math, reading, or general study habits.

Time Management

Does it seem like your child is constantly procrastinating when it comes to homework or class assignments?  This could be an indication that your child is having a hard time managing the time needed to begin a task and complete it on time.  A tutor can be beneficial in teaching your child specific study skills which include goal setting, self-motivation, organization and planning.

Lack of Confidence

Sometimes a child may begin to say they hate school or don’t want to go.  This could be a sign that school has become difficult for them and they lack the confidence to participate successfully in class.  A tutor can help a child tap into his or her learning styles and strengths and bring back the confidence they need to succeed.

Homework is Taking a Toll

A certain amount of homework is typical for students of all ages, mostly throughout middle and high school.  However, if you feel your child is spending an unusual amount of time on homework, they are continually frustrated, or they seem to be trying hard without results, you may benefit from a tutor.  A tutor can help your child establish more efficient study habits at home, including how to best organize their study space.

Learning Disability/ADHD

Children with a learning disability or ADHD often struggle with many of the aforementioned signs.  A tutor often specializes in presenting information differently to accommodate your child’s specific needs and teach them skills for academic success.


If you feel your child is showing any of these signs, there are a few ways to find a tutor that is right for you, such as reaching out to your child’s school, local library, or guidance counselor.  At PNC, we offer individual reading tutoring and organizational coaching as well as an upcoming study skills group starting in January 2019 with Organizational Coach and Reading Tutor, Linda Martin.  Here are some recent testimonials regarding Linda’s work:

“I felt that I was almost there with my learning and this (study skills) course got me to where I wanted to be.”

“I would recommend the coaching to friends.  These skills are helpful for high school, college, and beyond.”

“My grades improved from mostly B’s to all A’s with no late or missing work.”

“(Ms. Martin) introduced us to so many strategies to help with organization.”

“(The study skills course resulted in) complete transformation from loose papers in backpacks to an organized notebook.  Allowed for easy access to papers and prevents misplacement of assignments.”