How to Work Well with Your Child’s Therapist


Deciding to take your child to a therapist is one of the biggest decisions a parent faces along the journey of parenthood.  Kids and teens need therapy for many reasons, but in general, a therapist is required when there is a problem that they are unable to cope with alone or with the help of family.  A mental health professional will work with you and your child to reach the common goal of supporting your child or teen towards better mental health.

There are different kinds of mental health professionals who each offer a unique area of expertise and services to fit a child or family’s particular needs.  This guide to mental health specialists offered by Child Mind Institute provides a list of specialists, their area of expertise, how they are trained and licensed, and what services they offer.


In order for your child to get the most out of treatment , the parent and therapist relationship needs to be working well.  One important trait of a healthy relationship is transparency, being clear from the beginning what your concerns are, key stressors or events that may be relevant, and priorities and expectations for treatment.  Read on to learn five parent -tested  strategies to help build and maintain a successful relationship with your child’s therapist.