Holiday/Winter Break Fun Guide

While the holiday season and school break can be filled with wonder, joy, and excitement for families, others may feel stressed with the flurry of activities and also pressed to figure out how to entertain children when they are out of school.  In the spirit of simplicity and inspiring fun, memory making, and boredom-free days here are some ideas to consider in our Holiday/Winter Break Fun Guide:

Get Outside!

Feeling cooped up? How about getting outside together to enjoy a variety of fun activities:


Letter Boxing

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Get Crafty!

Crafting can be a fabulous way to connect with children. Also grandparents, aunts, uncles and loved ones will treasure handmade items from them. Check out these websites for some fun and easy craft ideas:

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Game On!

Okay, so crafting is not your cup of tea.  Consider having a game night with your children!

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Baking from the Heart

Baking is another fabulous way to bond with your children! Don’t forget to include them in the clean up!

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In the Spirit of Giving

Are you and your children feeling the weight of the world? Despite the idea of “goodwill to all men,” there is much sadness in the world that is hard for all of us to understand. How about helping our children (and ourselves) by doing something kind for someone else? 

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Hugs and Kisses

Most importantly, no matter what your plans are or how crazy these next few weeks become, don’t forget to simply cuddle with your children.  This will bring peace to your heart and theirs.

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All of us at the Portsmouth Neuropsychology Center wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year!