Finding Solutions to a Child’s Difficulties in School

In the article “Finding Solutions to a Child’s Difficulties in School” which appeared in the Portsmouth Herald in December 2007, Dr. Rubin discusses the importance of challenging gifted children in the academic setting.  At the Portsmouth Neuropsychology Center, our providers can conduct giftedness assessments to determine whether your child qualifies for specific enrichment programs and whether he or she would benefit from above age- and grade-level curriculum.


Excerpt from the article:

“The issue of boredom at the elementary level is not new, but the current generation of parents may be taking it more seriously than in previous years. Dr. Laura Rubin, child psychologist and founder of the Portsmouth Neuropsychology Center, cautions parents that a child who is not challenged in school is just as at risk as a child who is diagnosed with learning disabilities. Once a child loses interest in the school curriculum, he or she disconnects from the learning environment, which may have long-term social and emotional effects on the child’s growth. If a child seems bored in school over a period of more than two weeks, the parent should first meet the teacher, who may be able to provide enrichment or more challenging work in the classroom.”


Full article: Finding Solutions to a Child’s Difficulties in School – Portsmouth Herald