Dr. Laura Rubin provides her expertise…

In the December 2014 Parent and Child article “The Power of Pretend Play” Dr. Rubin provides her expertise regarding children’s imagination and the importance of pretend play.

Excerpt from article:

 “My 4-year-old son is Spider-Man today. Yesterday he was Wolverine. Last week he was a chef, a firefighter, and a train conductor. Whether he’s hurdling over molten lava, battling a bad guy, or saving a baby, watching him spin his scenarios always gives me the warm fuzzies. For all the enjoyment I get from his costume changes, however, the perks for my little guy are even greater. “Fantasy play is a critical skill builder: It helps children better understand the world around them,” says Laura Rubin, Ph.D., a pediatric neuropsychologist at the Portsmouth Neuropsychology Center in New Hampshire. It also adds significantly to a kid’s overall development, building language skills and storytelling chops and strengthening the ability to solve problems more creatively.”

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