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In the December 2014 Parent and Child article “The Power of Pretend Play” Dr. Rubin provides her expertise regarding children’s imagination and the importance of pretend play. Excerpt from article: Full article:
Dr. Cook’s (formally Dr. Adamek’s) research was recently summarized in a research bulletin about autism spectrum disorders and behavioral challenges published by the Middletown Centre for Autism. Children’s temperament can predict the likelihood of difficult behaviors such as tantrums or aggression. Choosing environments that best fit a child’s individual temperament...
In the February 2013 Parenting Magazine article “Mind Reader: Your Child’s Blossoming Brain, Age by Age,” Dr. Rubin provides her expertise regarding children’s cognitive development in an age-by-age guide.   Excerpt from article:   Full article:
In September 2012, Dr. Lauren Cook, clinical psychologist, joined the Portsmouth Neuropsychology Center.  Dr. Cook has clinical expertise in the areas of assessment and treatment of a variety of childhood disorders, particularly with children with autism spectrum disorders.   Excerpt from article: “Under the direction of Dr. Laura Rubin, the Portsmouth Neuropsychology Center...
Recognizing the importance of educating the public about children’s behavioral health needs, Dr. Laura Rubin launched a series of seminars across the Seacoast addressing children’s development, learning, and social-emotional concerns and was featured in Foster’s Daily Democrat in September 2009.  Today, Dr. Rubin and Dr. Cook continue to provide seminars...